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Data Recovery Services Pty. Ltd. is 100% Australian owned and operated for over 15 years devoted exclusively to recovering data. Given our extensive knowledge and commitment as well as our collaboration with the other members of the Global Data Recovery Alliance, we offer advanced solutions for any case. We were pioneers in the data recovery industry beginning operations in 1987 in the United Kingdom; relocating to Sydney, Australia in 1994.

"When your storage device has failed, it is vulnerable. Every attempt at recovery, subjects the device to additional risks. These risks impact the probability of success. This scenario is the same for single hard drives or an entire RAID array. You will need to decide the importance of your data when choosing your data recovery provider."

Popular Services

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Hard Drive Recovery

By far the most common storage devices in use today. We have successfully recovered thousands of drives, of all sizes and shapes, from 3.5 inch to 1 inch Microdrives.

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RAID Recovery

Please call us before you attempt ANY remedial actions to repair the RAID, specifically, suggestions made by manufacturers. Each attempt will increase the risk of loss of data.

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Forensic Services

We conduct forensic investigations on all types of storage media and mobile phones. We supply detailed reports and expert testimony backed by our “Best Practice” forensic procedures.

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SSD Recovery

Although in their infancy, Solid State Drives present some serious data recovery challenges. We collaborate with our global technical associates to keep abreast of new developments and solutions.

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Memory Card Recovery

Your precious photo’s are in good hands. There are numerous different types of media developed by Camera and Flash Memory manufacturers. We have the hardware and adaptors to read all of them.

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Tape Recovery

Having performed hundreds of tape recoveries when tape backups were common, we have plenty of experience and a plethora of old and modern hardware and media.

Global Data Recovery Alliance Data Recovery Services Pty. Ltd. is a member of the Global Data Recovery Alliance.

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